Logo of Verein hint.wien

Hint.wien is a cultural association committed to ‘generating intersectional joy’ through highly intersectional queer centered cultural spaces.

Our values are: Intersectional, queer, collaborative.

We create cultural experiences that are fully inclusive and celebrate difference by promoting artistic and cultural practice in intersectional queer spaces and supporting local, national and international collaborations to establish and make visible queer cultural heritage. Hint.wien’s activities actively strengthen, protect, and highlight the diversity of LGBTQIA+ communities. Hint.wien is committed to intersectional and inclusive work while remaining LGBTQIA+ -centered. The activities of hint.wien are fully inclusive in the sense of diversity: skin color, ethnic background, origin, religion or belief, migration experience, nationality, sexual orientation or performance, sex and gender performance, age, physical and cognitive abilities, class, HIV status or other (relevant) differences. Hint.wien makes a conscious contribution to decolonizing and gender-sensitive approaches to the design of cultural spaces.